Regulatory & Compliance Consultant Demand Increases in Q1 2015

Posted by Joann Hoxha on Mar 11, 2015 4:30:00 AM

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The Oxford Index for Regulatory & Compliance consultants in Q1 2015 is 125, up dramatically from Q1 2014 and well above 100 for three consecutive quarters, suggesting continued strong demand for regulatory & compliance consultants. 

Last quarter, we surveyed regulatory managers from across North America, and our synopsis is based on 44 manager’s responses. Oxford Index values above 100 suggest an increase in demand for consultants, and values below 100 suggest a decrease in demand.

Responses revealed that for Q1 2015:

  • 39% of respondents expect an increase in their use of regulatory and compliance consultants while an additional 14% anticipate a decrease. 
  • 43% anticipate no change in their use of regulatory and compliance consultants, and 5% are unsure.
  • The two-year trend for regulatory and compliance consultant demand remains optimistic, remaining at or above 100 for the last eight quarters, as shown below. 


By area of specialty, the greatest anticipated demand in Q1 2015 is for regulatory affairs consultants, followed by validation, then quality engineers, and quality assurance consultants at 106. 


The Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) that reflected the highest anticipated demand for compliance consultants in Q1 2015 was in San Diego (167), followed by Los Angeles (150), and finally the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia (143) region. 

For a full report of the latest hiring trends for regulatory consultants, download a copy of the Oxford Index for Regulatory & Compliance today. 

The Oxford Index for Regulatory & Compliance




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