Contractor Demand in Europe Increases in Q3 2015

Posted by Joann Hoxha on Jul 6, 2015 4:30:00 AM

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The Oxford Index for Europe is 109, up slightly from last quarter and still above 100, suggesting an increase in demand for IT, software/hardware, and regulatory and compliance contractors in Europe in Q3 2015.

The Oxford Index is a quarterly survey of projected demand for freelance contractors in Europe conducted by Oxford Global Resources. Oxford Index values above 100 suggest an increase in demand for contractors, and values below 100 suggest a decrease in demand.

Results of our study for Q3 2015 are based on 97 managers’ responses from across Europe.

Our survey revealed the following for Q3 2015:

  • 23 percent of our respondents expect an increase in their use of IT, software/hardware, or regulatory and compliance contractors to increase, while 13 percent anticipate a decrease in demand. 
  • 56 percent anticipate no change in their use of freelance software and hardware contractors in Europe, while the remaining 8 percent are unsure.
  • By area of specialty, the greatest anticipated increase in demand is highest for regulatory and compliance contractors, followed by software and hardware contractors.
  • Demand for enterprise applications contractors is also anticipated to increase in Q3 2015, as shown in the graph below.


By country, The Oxford Index for Europe shows the strongest anticipated increase in demand in Denmark, followed by Ireland, then the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Demand for contractors in Austria is anticipated to decrease significantly in Q3 2015. 



For the full report of the latest freelance contractor demand trends in Europe, download a copy of The Oxford Index for Europe. 

The Oxford Index for Contractors in Europe



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